Saturday, February 09, 2013


Like many others, I have discovered and completely embraced Pinterest.  After all the years of ripping out magazine pages that had ideas and photos I loved, only to not be able to find them when I needed them (organized, I'm not)'s so nice to have a non-paper way of doing the same thing...WITH built-in organization components.

So, now when I need design inspiration, I can just click on my Art Deco or art nouveau board.  Or, if I want to try a new jewelry technique, I go to my artsy tutorial board.  And, voila, there it all paper cuts either! :-)

Would you like to take a peak at my boards?  Just click here:

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vintagesusie said...

I ADORE Pinterest for the very same reasons & I too have an Art Nouveau & Art Deco board! I spend WAY more time on it then I should searching out the perfect outfits for my digital paper dolls...Pinterest ROCKS!!!LOL